1, 2, 3 Play Dates!

This week was hectic – with work, training and play dates!

Monday we had a play date with “J” who is a few days older than my munchkins – his grandpa was ITU Age Group World Champion this year so lots of good sporting genes although athletics during this date comprised of crawling on the floor and standing at an activity center.

Wednesday we had a play date with “S & S” – twins born a few weeks after my guys.  Their mom is super creative – she has stations set up with activities for them to do – there is a tent, a crawling tunnel, a sushi bar, you name it she has it and most of it she made herself!  My trio seemed to be in awe of everything to do at her house and it gave me some ideas on what to do at mine.

Friday we had a play date with “C, A, & G” – triplets who are almost 18 months old.  I was a little weary going into this play date because of the age difference between our two sets of triplets – but everyone seemed to get a long great!  They are such well behaved little girls and didn’t mind my guys playing with all of their stuff.