Sharing, Caring and Cleaning.

As we approach the 2 year mark my trio has definitely grown.  One of the things I’m most proud of is the fact that my triplets (usually) love to share.  They find happiness in the receivers delight when they give them something – now that can be an empty sippy cup, lovey, or even a booger but the fact is my kids like to give.

The other day, Cam was having a little melt down and Calder came over with his lovey and gave it to him to try to make him feel better.  Another example – Cam pushed Evie, after a short time out he went back to her and tried to give her a hug and kiss. But the best is at the dining table when they share food – I think this is just a tactic for Calder not to eat his vegetables but it’s definitely a “barter and trade” sharing moment.

The other nice benefit to having almost two year olds – they are eager to please and love copying.  I don’t mind that they love to copy my cleaning lady, because let’s face it – with triplets, the house constantly needs cleaning and I am the worst….  Calder is the cleaning champion and each day after every meal he likes to wipe down the little kitchen table and chairs.  When he spills, he say “oh-oh, tissue” and after receiving a tissue or pice of paper bowl proceeds to get on all fours and clean. He takes such pride in wiping up messes – it’s ridiculous!

Would love to hear what other mommies love about this age.  What silly or sweet things do your toddlers do to put a smile on your face?

Sharing and Cleaning video

Full Fledged Toddlerhood – sippy cups, high chairs and a potty.

Oh my goodness – my munchkins are growing up way too fast. So much has happened this month it is incredible. I’ll try to break it down briefly…

cups, sippy, kids, table, chairs, breakfast, triplets

Triplets at their new IKEA table with Take n’ Toss cups

Milk Bottles to Sippy Cups
We finally got rid of milk bottles. Ok, ok, I know you’re supposed to stop the whole bottle thing after kids hit a year but they just liked them so much and sucked them down in 1 min flat. Over the course of the last 20 months or so I have tried literally every single fancy sippy spout and straw cup available. I’m sure I’ve spent well over a couple of hundred dollars total. I was able to get them to take the Playtex Lil’ Gripper Straw Cups for water but they just refused to drink from them if it was milk. Finally a fellow triplet mom asked if I ever tried the Tomy Take n’ Toss – the cheapest and only one I hadn’t tried to date. I think I viewed them as being disposable and too flimsy? She said the flow was pretty fast so it might work since they seemed frustrated with not getting the milk quick enough from other zippy cups we had tried. Low and behold after 2 days they loved them and I love them because they are easy to clean and cheap. Only drawback is that sometimes my kids will pull the lid off (happens about 1x per week).

High Chairs
My kids are getting big (even Evie) and lifting them into their highchairs 3-4 times per day was just becoming backbreaking especially if they decided they didn’t want to sit in their high chair. So, after an impromptu trip to IKEA one weekend I came back with a large, rectangular kid sized table and 6 chairs – 3 for them and 3 for their friends of course! I was a little worried that they wouldn’t stay seated at the table but low and behold after a few days of making sure we removed their plate if they left the table they were “big kid” eating champs! Now, every morning when I say breakfast-time they go running to the table and sit down, patiently waiting for their breakfast. Love, love love!

Potty Time?
So Calder and Evie like to strip. Luckily Campbell has no interest in stripping…yet. This issue came to a head when (luckily?) I was at work. During nap time Calder decided to take off his pants and diaper (of course after having gone #2). Our au pair, Anna hears “uh-oh, poo poo, bunny” at least five times in a row and decides to check out the situ. Poop everywhere. Fortunately Tim was home sick so Anna called him in for reinforcement. Tim reaches down to get Calder – gets poop all over himself. According to Anna, Tim screamed like a girl and immediately ran to the bathroom to strip in a total panic. We are now gently easing Calder into the idea of the potty (we’ve had the Baby Bjorn potty chairs since Christmas) and watching Elmo’s Potty Time video daily. Any tips on potty training and keeping clothes on toddlers are welcome and needed!

Summer Race Recap

Apologies for the serious negligence to the blog – but time is short especially when you have 3 toddlers!

Quick race recap:

Had a fantastic cap to the 2012 season with an Age Group win at the 2012 Sprint Triathlon National Championships.

Pre-Worlds Video

USAT Article

Daily Voice Article


Race Result Ticket at USAT Nats

After a weeks vacation just got pipped to friend and pro triathlete Flo Chretien (who passed me in the last 10 yards) at the Westport Mini Sprint but ended the season with a 6th place Age Group finish at the Sprint Triathlon World Championships. Not bad, considering having to juggle multiple jobs, kids and workouts.


Me during the run in NZ


Katie Bottini and I post race in Auckland, NZ

1, 2, 3 Play Dates!

This week was hectic – with work, training and play dates!

Monday we had a play date with “J” who is a few days older than my munchkins – his grandpa was ITU Age Group World Champion this year so lots of good sporting genes although athletics during this date comprised of crawling on the floor and standing at an activity center.

Wednesday we had a play date with “S & S” – twins born a few weeks after my guys.  Their mom is super creative – she has stations set up with activities for them to do – there is a tent, a crawling tunnel, a sushi bar, you name it she has it and most of it she made herself!  My trio seemed to be in awe of everything to do at her house and it gave me some ideas on what to do at mine.

Friday we had a play date with “C, A, & G” – triplets who are almost 18 months old.  I was a little weary going into this play date because of the age difference between our two sets of triplets – but everyone seemed to get a long great!  They are such well behaved little girls and didn’t mind my guys playing with all of their stuff.

The Meat Locker

After receiving a door jumper from a friend of mine, I quickly realized how much my guys absolutely love the thing.  I also really like the way they can be put up and taken down easily and they don’t take up much room when not being used.  This is a major advantage over the traditional activity centers and jumpers which have taken over my living room.  So, I quickly decided to get two more and now have a jumperoo station at the end of the hall which we affectionately call the meat locker.  Now everyone can bounce at the same time and it gives me (or whomever is watching the munchkins) 15 minutes of not chasing after a baby.

Weekly workouts 1/30

Monday, 1/30
Brick: 2x (20 min ride, 12 min run) 20 min ride

Tuesday, 1/31
Swim: 3200 Meters
600 free, 400 kick with fins
6x (2×150 on 2:15, 3X50 on 1:00) #1 – 4 free/IM, #5-6 free pull
4x (25 sprint, 25 easy )
200 easy

Wednesday, 2/1
Bike: 1:15 hill ride
Run: 30 min moderate pace outside

Thursday, 2/2
Swim: 2,100 yards
400 free, 400 kick
10×100 IM @1:45 (odds drill, evens swim)
4×50 pull with bands @ 1:00
100 easy

Friday, 2/3

Run: easy pace, 8 miles outside

Swim: 3,500 Meters
400 free (every 4th 50 kick)
4x(6×50 sprint, 2×100 1 paddle/1 fin) odd sets of 50s IM/free, even sets free pull
8×50 kick with fins @ 1:00
6×100 pull with paddles @1:30 (hold sub 1:20)
100 easy

Triathlon & Triplets

Campbell, Calder, Evelyn & Megan

Last October I received the best news of my life.  I was pregnant!  My husband and I had been trying since the summer and were ecstatic with the news.  It had been a bit of a tough road to get to that point though.  My peak race of the season in 2010 had been in early May at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.  I had a great race and ended up finishing 5th place overall.  Then it was a week of vacation in Napa.  Perfect for baby making…right? Well, no.  For a number of elite female athletes, trying to conceive can be a struggle.  We put our bodies under a tremendous amount of stress that can lead to having trouble trying to conceive for a variety of reasons.  So, after realizing that building a family was going to be trickier than I planned I went to the doctor to seek advice.  Lighten up on the training and try to gain a few pounds was the advice I received.  Ok, easy enough…I’ll just do sprint triathlons for the rest of the season, slack off and eat ice cream every night.  Sounds easy enough.

A few months later, still no periods and no positive pregnancy test.  So I went back to the doctor who suggested I see a specialist.  Three months later I finally got my positive test!  We were so excited!  However, my first ultrasound revealed that I wasn’t just pregnant…I was really pregnant.  I remember the doctor saying – “yep…here’s the heartbeat…oh…another heartbeat…twins! Oh…there’s a third.  That hasn’t happened in seven years.”  So in the span of about 10 seconds I went from being super-excited to scared-to-death.  “WHAT?!  What do you mean there are three? “ and then I just started bawling primarily from shock.  My husband just kept saying ”Don’t worry, it’s OK.”  Though I’m pretty sure he was in shock too.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with triplets I was very careful about working out.  I stuck primarily to swimming (about 3 times per week) riding a stationary bike (2 times per week) and walking (about 3 times per week).  Everything was in Zone 1 – nice and easy.  I had to stop biking at week 15 – my tummy just got too big and it became uncomfortable.  Then at week 20 my doctor put my on home bed rest.  This is just about the worst thing an athlete can hear.  No activity at all…in fact you’re only supposed to get up to go to the bathroom.  With the help of my family I pretty much stuck to this.  It was tough though, after being so active to just sit on the couch all day and slowly get more and more uncomfortable.  And by uncomfortable, I mean “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy” uncomfortable.  Luckily I had projects to keep me busy and friends would often stop by to keep me company and keep my mind off the pain I was experiencing.

While I was excited about the babies I missed training and competing…especially while on bed rest.  A lot of my teammates at TT were planning on participating at USAT Nationals and I figured the sprint race would give me a realistic goal post pregnancy. So I signed up with the goal of just having fun and finishing.  It also gave me something to look forward to that was not baby related while cooped up at home.

Day Before Delivery

At 33 weeks I had to enter the hospital due to uncontrollable contractions, and at 33 weeks and 3 days I gave birth via scheduled C-section to three beautiful, healthy (though tiny) babies (1.5 weeks longer than the average gestation for triplets). After 2 weeks, my first baby was able to come home and I started walking with him every day, a week later, my other two babies came home and I started walking them every day around the neighborhood in our triple stroller.

Because of the C-section, I was only allowed to walk for the first six weeks post pregnancy.  Also, because of the bed rest, I was terribly out of shape.  So walking was actually a great way to ease back into fitness.  After the doctor’s approval, I started regular exercise again, but started really slowly.  Swimming 1,000 yards once or twice a week, running 5 to 15 minutes slowly 4 to 5 times a week and biking once or twice a week for about 45 minutes.  I slowly increased the duration and intensity of my workouts over the course of the next 10 weeks leading up to USAT Nationals.  About two weeks prior to the race I felt confident that I could finish and not make too much of a fool out of myself.  The training helped with loosing some baby weight and more importantly provided me with a good non-baby outlet (with newborn triplets – it’s babies pretty much 24 hours a day). It was a nice mental escape to jog on the treadmill for 15 minutes or go for a 45-minute bike ride each day and the physical activity helped me feel rejuvenated for the babies.

Westport Tri 2011

So, less than 15 weeks after giving birth, I competed in my first post triplet pregnancy triathlon at USAT Sprint Nationals.  My only expectations were to have fun and finish – and that is exactly what I did.  And as an added bonus I ended up doing well enough to qualify for World Championships in 2012!  A few weeks later I followed this up with my first post pregnancy win at the fun Westport Minuteman Triathlon…and it was the first triathlon my babies got to experience too!

If you’d like more information on balancing babies and triathlon training or would like to discuss pregnancy and training please feel free to email me.  I’d love to help.