Weekly Workouts 7/16

Swim 3,000
400 warm up, 400 kick with fins, 200 IM drill
4×100 on 1:25, 100 IM on 2:00
3×100 on 1:25, 100 IM on 2:00
2×100 on 1:25, 100 IM on 2:00
1×100 on 1:25, 100 IM on 2:00
6×200 free pull

Trainer ride
10 min warm up
2x(6 min 200+ watts, 4 min 175+ watts), 5 min easy
2x(5 min 200+ watts, 3.5 min 175+ watts), 5 min easy
2x(4 min 200+ watts, 2 min 175+ watts), 5 min easy
20 min tempo run outside

40 min Open Water swim
45 min outdoor run (2 loops of Greenwich Tri course)
1.5 hour break
50 min on trainer (12 min 170+ watts, 5 min easy, 10 mins at 170+ watts, 5 min easy, 8 min at 170+ watts, 5 min easy) last min of harder efforts standing.  All on 4-8% grade.
20 min easy run outdoors (HOT!!!)

25 run with the triple stroller around the hood

Treadmill run – main set – 5×4 min @ 9.0, 5×2 min at 8.7-9 mph (all at 1% grade)

Run – 1 hr – seeking out and working hills
Swim – 45 min (2,500 m) main set: 3×400 (swim/pull/swim)

Bike – 3.5 hours (100K).  First time in about two years I’ve done that distance.  Felt great too!

Does having babies make you faster?

So when I found out I was having triplets a friend of mine (without kids) exclaimed “you are going to be so fast…don’t you know you get faster after you have a baby?  And you’re having three!”

“Really?” I replied – I’ve never heard of that.  But now I’m starting to wonder.  I don’t train as hard or as much as I used to and based on my last two race results I’m as fast if not faster than I used to be (at least running and biking).  Swimming’s another story…it’s harder to get to the pool with three little ones.

Maybe it’s pushing the triple jogger, but to be honest I don’t run with it that much since it’s sooo hilly around my house.  Maybe merely having babies physiologically changes you?  I have no idea…I’m not a doctor.  Maybe it’s the carrying around 20-25 lb weights (babies) constantly and running around after them.  This is my best guess as to why I’m stronger now versus my pre-baby era.

Regardless, I’m enjoying feeling strong and fast.  I had a great race at the Mossman Sprint Tri this past weekend.  I had a solid swim, strong bike (including a mechanical issue)  and I had my best run split ever and ended up winning the women’s race by over 3.5 minutes!

Mossman Sprint Tri Awards Ceremony 2012


Update – things to do in the Spring/Summer

I’ve been horrible at keeping up to date on this blog lately.  Sorry!

I do want to share some things we’ve been doing to keep busy with three little ones.

The beach – taking the munchkins to the beach is actually a ton of fun and they really love playing in the sand and surf…perhaps a little too much as they act like little turtle hatchlings and crawl (or scoot in Cam’s case) to the water’s edge without hesitation.  Having at least one helper is a definite must, also the choo choo seems to work best (verus stroller) when traveling through deep sand (you can just drag it through).

The pool – my kids are water babies!!! (Surprise, surprise).  They love hanging out in the baby pool but seem to like the big pool even more.  Splashing, jumping off the side, kicking and paddling…you name it they love it!

The Stamford Museum & Nature Center – Just round the corner from our house this living farm is great.  The kids love the animals and the choo choo works well on the handicap access trail. They also have a farmer’s market on Fridays during the summer/fall months.

Bridgeport Bluefish Game – I’m pretty sure my kids didn’t get what was going on but it was a nice way to spend the afternoon.




Weekly Workouts 6/3

Bike – 2 hours
Swim – 30 min

Swim – 1 hr (3K yards)

Swim – 1 hr
Bike/Run Brick 1.5 hrs

Bike – 2 hrs
Run – Treadmill ( 10×3 min w/ :30 rest (8.7-9 mph)

Swim – Open water 45 min
Run – 45 min

Run – 1 hr (with triple jogger and hills)

Bike – 2 hrs

Weekly Workouts 5/27

Swim 3,100 yards
Warm up: 400 free, 400 kick with fins, 400 IM (k/d/d/s by 25)
Main set: 400 IM (:30 rest), 200 free (:20 rest), 2×200 IM (:20 rest), 2×100 free (:10 rest), 4×100 IM (:10 rest), 4×50 free (:05 rest), 100 easy


Brick 50 min ride, 20 min run


Swim 3K
Run treadmill -6x :20 pick ups then 4x(4 min on 8.6, 3 min on 8.8, 2 min on 9, 1 min on 9.2 with :30 rest)

50 mile ride

11 mile run in 1:30

Weekly Workouts 5/20

Agghhh – have not posted workouts in a while but rest assured I’m still swimming, biking and running.

Last week’s highlights include-
3 3,000 yard plus swim workouts

Some good run workouts including tempo- 8×4 min on 8.7 with :45 rest and a long run of just over 1.5 hrs

Actually biked 4 times (2 trainer and 2 outdoor) culminating in a double loop of the Rev3 Quassy Olympic Course on Sunday (50 miles total) with a 20 min run immediately following.

I Have One Year Olds!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my little munchkins entered the world.  The days have been long but the weeks and the year have been short.  It still has not hit me that I have one year olds – sometimes I still can’t believe I have three kids!  Of course, then I change 6 diapers in the span of 2 hours and reality sets in…

Even though they are all the same age I also can’t believe how different they are – Evie is my clever, independent one who likes to tease.  Campbell is my sweet little boy – though can be feisty and mischievous when he wants to and Calder is my goofy, happy, sporty “dude”. I love my babies more and more every day and can not believe how lucky I am to have them in my life.

Evie – Age 1

Campbell – Age 1Calder - Age 1

Weekly Workouts 4/30

Swim – 3,500 yards (main set – 2x(400 pull, 4×100 on 1:20)

Bike – trainer 1 hr
Run – treadmill – 5 min warm up, 10×3 min at 8.6-8.7mph with :30 rest), 5 min cool down

Bike – 30 min on trainer
Run – 30 min on treadmill ( every 5th minute at 5K race pace) BABIES BIRTHDAY!!!

Swim – 1,000 (lap swimmer incident…so I didn’t really get much of a workout in…)


Swim 4,000 (Then BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!)

Bike & Run