Helpful Links

Triplet/Pregnancy Related
Baby Center Triplet Forum -forum for women who are pregnant with or have triplets
Hypothalamic Amenorrhea -forum for women with HA and trying to get pregnant

Triathlon Related
Targetraining – triathlon training and gear in Fairfield County, CT
Slowtwitch – triathlon website
USA Triathlon – official USA Triathlon website
Beginner Triathlete – great triathlon website for beginners

3 thoughts on “Helpful Links

  1. This site is the most reassuring one I have come across. I will be having triplets in September and I have been a huge runner all my life (ran Boston 2014). Where did you get the stroller in your blog pic? Thank you so much!

    • Happy to hear that it is helpful to you and congrats on the triplet pregnancy! The strollers I used for running were the triple decker ( use with car seats), the runabout (hands down the best overall running stroller for triplets) and the valco tri mode with a jump seat (most versatile). Good luck and let me know of you have any other questions 🙂

  2. Would you mind speaking about your recovery? Did you do any specific strength training to get ready to run/workout again? I do have a run about triple stroller that I will use. Are you from the Stamford/Greenwich area? My family lives out there and I cannot imagine running with a stroller on those hills. I love to run out there!

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