Hoppy Easter!

Easter Sunday started with feeding babies then heading out for an hour run while they had their morning nap.  Once back, we changed the munchkins into their special Easter outfits and headed to GCC for a huge buffet.  The babies behaved  phenomenally – Evie and Cam were perfect angels and even Calder was good – just a bit boisterous.  He loved banging the table and hearing the glasses clink and more than once tried to grab the cutlery.  Luckily no one got stabbed.  We also saw the Judson triplets – another set of BBG’s…though they are in their early 20s.  I think they got a kick out of seeing another set of triplets and it was nice to see them all grown up (I’ve known the family since they were little) and compare notes.
After brunch at the club we headed to my brother and sister in-laws for Easter dinner – luckily the babies napped in the car ride up…so didn’t have a melt down till we were about to leave.

Weekly Workouts 3/26

Brick – 10 min bike WU, 15 min with 10x 10 sec sprints, 10 min run @2% – increase speed to sub 7 min pace, 15 min bike (5x 1min harder efforts), 10 min run @2% – increase speed to 6:40 pace

Swim: 3,000 yards – sets were complicated – but mix of free and IMs (shorter distances)

Bike: 1 hour followed immediately by…
Run: 1 hour

Rest of the week was pretty much a bust due to being ill. Did get in a 3K swim and 1 hr 15 min run on Saturday but paid the price and ended up spending most of the day in bed on Sunday.

Sick Sick Sick

Ugh – apologies for the lack of posts lately everyone has been sick.  And I mean everyone. I was fighting something off the end of last week and into the weekend.  Calder got sick last Thursday, Cam got sick Sat and Evie got sick Tuesday…and by sick I mean projectile vomit.  To make matters worse the dog even barfed in the bed…luckily on my pillow so all I only had to change the pillow case.  Jojo was sick early this week, my mom vomited, even my nana is sick.  Ugh.  Don’t come around my house unless you have a biohazard suit.

Weekly Workouts 3/12

Brick 10 min warm up 2x(15 min bike, 12 min run (2x(4 min at 8:15, 2 min at 6:15 pace))

Swim: 2,500
Main set: 150 pull, 2×200 free, 4×50 free, 150 pull, 4×100 free, 2×50 free, 150 pull, 6×75 free, 1×50 free
Run: 40 min tempo (7/7:30 pace)

Brick: Outdoor easy ride to Tod’s Pt, 16 min run then ride back to TT

Swim: 3,000: 400 free, 400 kick, 2x(4×100 odds free on 1:20, evens IM on 1:30, 2×200 pull on 2:30, 4×50 IM order on :50) 200 easy

Bike: 1 hour on trainer
Run: 40 min on treadmill (hills)

Run: 45 min easy

Bike: Race (about 20 miles total)

First Post Pregnancy Bike Race!

Competed in my first post-pregnancy bike race today at the Bethel Spring Series – a series of criterium races held every spring about 40 minutes from my home.  The day started out slightly overcast and pretty chilly but during the almost 20 mile/22 loop race the sun came out and everyone warmed up quickly.  Luckily the pace was pretty controlled and there were no major attacks which made for a nice and gentle way to ease back into racing.  I was able to lead one lap but spent most of the time in the pack conserving energy for the sprint finish.  Unfortunately, I got stuck in traffic at the finish so was not able to finish well – but these races are just for fun, to get the legs going and work on bike skills for me.

Shoots and Snot

So the week started with Evie on the mend – but very snotty. She seems to have formed a gross habit of trying to lick it. Gross! Over the course of the week the boys, Tim and I also seemed to catch the cold which we all blamed on Jojo who brought it back from Shelton last week. I think she must feel guilty because throughout the week when the babies (read Cam) would wake in the middle of the night she would conveniently be up and ready to sweep him up and snuggle. Totally unnecessary, very thoughtful and much appreciated as I suffer through my own sinus hell.

Due to the sickness, we didn’t do much other than stay cooped up inside, wipe boogers, blow noses and I had a little time to work and work out. The babies also tried spaghetti – Campbell went absolutely bonkers over it!

Untitled from johannaeineryd on Vimeo.

Wednesday, Calder seemed to take a turn for the worse and his cough resembled a barking seal. I quickly took him to the walk-in round the corner and they gave him a steroid shot for croup. I think it did the trick as he slept soundly that night and woke to a normal sounding cough and was a bit perkier.

Friday, was the babies 10 month birthday! We celebrated by each baby having one on one time. Calder stayed home with my mom since he was still under quarantine. Campbell went to lap sit with Jojo and Evie and I headed into the city for our first shoot for Parents Magazine! It was a lot of fun! I got to spend some special one on one time with little miss, she loved being in front of the camera and hopefully we will have a special memento come June/July.


Evie and our 6 lb Yorkie

Weekly Workouts 2/13

Took today off

Swim – 2800 yards
Main set: 2×100 free on 1:40,  2×50 stroke on 1:00, 2×100 free on 1:30, 2×50 stroke on 1:00, 2×100 free on 1:20, 2×50 stroke on 1:00, 2×100 free on 1:10, 2×50 stroke on 1:00

Ride: 40 min on trainer
Run: transition run post ride 20 min

Swim: 2600 yards
Main set: 300 pul, 300 free, 200 pull, 200 free, 100 pull, 100 free

Off (didn’t mean to take today off but it the day just got away from me)

Run: 7 miles nice and easy

Swim: 3,000 yards
Main set: 2x(300 pull on 4:00, 4×50 head up/fists on 1:00, 4×100 on 1:30 hold sub 1:10)

The Next Gerber Baby?

For fun (and because it’s a free activity I can do with the munchkins) I sent the babies pics into a modeling agency called Generation in NYC. They liked their look and decided to send us out! Since I used to work in the ad industry in NYC it’s a way for me to stay somewhat connected to one of my passions while also incorporating the babies. This week we had three auditions – and one was even for Gerber! I don’t think we made the cut…but it was fun to take a trip into the city, make new friends and laugh in front of the camera.