Choo Choo Choo…Guess Who Turned Two!

We celebrated the munchkins turning two with two parties! The first a little family get together on their actual birthday and another on Cinco de Mayo with a train theme and about 20 toddlers on our back deck.

The kids didn’t really seem to understand that it was their birthday, though they now thoroughly enjoy opening presents and eating ice cream and cupcakes.

Outfits were OshKosh B’Gosh engineer style overalls for the boys and a bandana dress for Evie.  Invite, Goody bag and Thank You notes custom orders from Double U Design and Goody bags included “The Little Engine that Could” board books and engineer hats (like the one Cam is wearing in pics).

Choo Choo Train!DSC_0064 DSC_0066 DSC_0139DSC_0087 DSC_0088 DSC_0136DSC_0110

Egg Hunting!

Easter weekend started with a nice 10.5 mile run with the girls on Saturday and a chill afternoon with the kids.  Sunday was another story.  The day started with opening their Easter baskets (no candy – just books, stickers, and little trinkets).  Then off to brunch at GCC – the kids were amazingly well behaved during the buffet and loved walking up to get their food.  After brunch was a magic show – not sure they really understood any of it but seemed to enjoy petting the bunny at the end.  Then hunting for eggs around the golf course.  Then it was off to my brother in laws house for Easter dinner.  The kids loved seeing their cousins, getting lots of attention from relatives and running around.  We even managed to get them to nap for 30 minutes in the car.

Sharing, Caring and Cleaning.

As we approach the 2 year mark my trio has definitely grown.  One of the things I’m most proud of is the fact that my triplets (usually) love to share.  They find happiness in the receivers delight when they give them something – now that can be an empty sippy cup, lovey, or even a booger but the fact is my kids like to give.

The other day, Cam was having a little melt down and Calder came over with his lovey and gave it to him to try to make him feel better.  Another example – Cam pushed Evie, after a short time out he went back to her and tried to give her a hug and kiss. But the best is at the dining table when they share food – I think this is just a tactic for Calder not to eat his vegetables but it’s definitely a “barter and trade” sharing moment.

The other nice benefit to having almost two year olds – they are eager to please and love copying.  I don’t mind that they love to copy my cleaning lady, because let’s face it – with triplets, the house constantly needs cleaning and I am the worst….  Calder is the cleaning champion and each day after every meal he likes to wipe down the little kitchen table and chairs.  When he spills, he say “oh-oh, tissue” and after receiving a tissue or pice of paper bowl proceeds to get on all fours and clean. He takes such pride in wiping up messes – it’s ridiculous!

Would love to hear what other mommies love about this age.  What silly or sweet things do your toddlers do to put a smile on your face?

Sharing and Cleaning video

Weekly Workout Recap

First week back – seriously lacking motivation to bike.  Any words of encouragement are welcome 🙂

Monday, 3/4 – 4 mile run with some pick ups

Tuesday, 3/5 – short swim (I’m talking less than 1,000 yards)

Wednesday, 3/6 – 45 min indoor cycle

Thursday, 3/7 – 30 min run easy

Friday, 3/8 – 30 min run with some 10K race pick ups (2 min each)

Saturday, 3/9 – 10K run (conversational pace)

Sunday, 3/10 – 2,500y swim.

Full Fledged Toddlerhood – sippy cups, high chairs and a potty.

Oh my goodness – my munchkins are growing up way too fast. So much has happened this month it is incredible. I’ll try to break it down briefly…

cups, sippy, kids, table, chairs, breakfast, triplets

Triplets at their new IKEA table with Take n’ Toss cups

Milk Bottles to Sippy Cups
We finally got rid of milk bottles. Ok, ok, I know you’re supposed to stop the whole bottle thing after kids hit a year but they just liked them so much and sucked them down in 1 min flat. Over the course of the last 20 months or so I have tried literally every single fancy sippy spout and straw cup available. I’m sure I’ve spent well over a couple of hundred dollars total. I was able to get them to take the Playtex Lil’ Gripper Straw Cups for water but they just refused to drink from them if it was milk. Finally a fellow triplet mom asked if I ever tried the Tomy Take n’ Toss – the cheapest and only one I hadn’t tried to date. I think I viewed them as being disposable and too flimsy? She said the flow was pretty fast so it might work since they seemed frustrated with not getting the milk quick enough from other zippy cups we had tried. Low and behold after 2 days they loved them and I love them because they are easy to clean and cheap. Only drawback is that sometimes my kids will pull the lid off (happens about 1x per week).

High Chairs
My kids are getting big (even Evie) and lifting them into their highchairs 3-4 times per day was just becoming backbreaking especially if they decided they didn’t want to sit in their high chair. So, after an impromptu trip to IKEA one weekend I came back with a large, rectangular kid sized table and 6 chairs – 3 for them and 3 for their friends of course! I was a little worried that they wouldn’t stay seated at the table but low and behold after a few days of making sure we removed their plate if they left the table they were “big kid” eating champs! Now, every morning when I say breakfast-time they go running to the table and sit down, patiently waiting for their breakfast. Love, love love!

Potty Time?
So Calder and Evie like to strip. Luckily Campbell has no interest in stripping…yet. This issue came to a head when (luckily?) I was at work. During nap time Calder decided to take off his pants and diaper (of course after having gone #2). Our au pair, Anna hears “uh-oh, poo poo, bunny” at least five times in a row and decides to check out the situ. Poop everywhere. Fortunately Tim was home sick so Anna called him in for reinforcement. Tim reaches down to get Calder – gets poop all over himself. According to Anna, Tim screamed like a girl and immediately ran to the bathroom to strip in a total panic. We are now gently easing Calder into the idea of the potty (we’ve had the Baby Bjorn potty chairs since Christmas) and watching Elmo’s Potty Time video daily. Any tips on potty training and keeping clothes on toddlers are welcome and needed!

Winter Blues

After a fantastic 13.1 mile run with friends on NYE, January was filled with everyone being sick.  Not the icky 24-48 hour gut busting stomach flu, just a constant stuff nose, coughing, post-nasal, blah ick for 5+ weeks.  I was sick, kids were sick, Tim was sick, Anna was sick, grandparents were sick, Tim and I were sick again…Training fell off the tracks.  At least it’s the off season.  On a positive note, I booked flights for Tim and I to go to London for ITU World Tri Champs in Sept.  Ok – real training starts March 1.


Winter/Christmas Recap

We were very sad to see Jojo go back to Sweden (along with American boyfriend) mid December but knew it was for the best – she has to go and live and experience her own life…but we think she’ll be back sooner rather than later.

With Jojo’s leaving we also welcomed Anna, our new au pair from Germany.  Anna seems to have the patience of a saint and the credentials any mom would lust over…multiples background, day care background and degree in early childhood education.  Apart from a short stint of homesickness Anna seems to be acclimating terrifically.  Especially as it’s difficult to come to a foreign country without friends or relatives right around the holidays.

As for Christmas, it was terrific although an absolute marathon day of unwrapping gifts (almost entirely for the kids).  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Calder, Campbell or Evie more excited (or tired).  It was a wonderful day…now to figure out what to do with all of the toys!

Opening their stockings

Opening their stockings


Summer Race Recap

Apologies for the serious negligence to the blog – but time is short especially when you have 3 toddlers!

Quick race recap:

Had a fantastic cap to the 2012 season with an Age Group win at the 2012 Sprint Triathlon National Championships.

Pre-Worlds Video

USAT Article

Daily Voice Article


Race Result Ticket at USAT Nats

After a weeks vacation just got pipped to friend and pro triathlete Flo Chretien (who passed me in the last 10 yards) at the Westport Mini Sprint but ended the season with a 6th place Age Group finish at the Sprint Triathlon World Championships. Not bad, considering having to juggle multiple jobs, kids and workouts.


Me during the run in NZ


Katie Bottini and I post race in Auckland, NZ

Greenwich Tri – Finally Full Circle!

I competed in the Greenwich Tri the other weekend and was finally able to win it!  It only took almost 10 years 🙂 Some history…

This Tri has a lot of significance for me – it was my first tri ever (I had to walk about half the run I was so tired in that race) and was the last tri I competed in before I got pregnant.  Over the course of the last few years I was able to finish 2nd twice, so finally claiming top spot felt great! To make things even better – Tim (husband), Tom (brother in law) and Frank (father in law) all worked the race, my parents came to watch and the babies were able to check out the awards ceremony (and even clap!).  It was quite a family affair!

Some pics and press:

Greenwich Time

Stamford Voice