The Meat Locker

After receiving a door jumper from a friend of mine, I quickly realized how much my guys absolutely love the thing.  I also really like the way they can be put up and taken down easily and they don’t take up much room when not being used.  This is a major advantage over the traditional activity centers and jumpers which have taken over my living room.  So, I quickly decided to get two more and now have a jumperoo station at the end of the hall which we affectionately call the meat locker.  Now everyone can bounce at the same time and it gives me (or whomever is watching the munchkins) 15 minutes of not chasing after a baby.

The Next Gerber Baby?

For fun (and because it’s a free activity I can do with the munchkins) I sent the babies pics into a modeling agency called Generation in NYC. They liked their look and decided to send us out! Since I used to work in the ad industry in NYC it’s a way for me to stay somewhat connected to one of my passions while also incorporating the babies. This week we had three auditions – and one was even for Gerber! I don’t think we made the cut…but it was fun to take a trip into the city, make new friends and laugh in front of the camera.


A Busy Monday

The day started off with story time at the local library. The babies really like these classes but Cam absolutely LOVES them. The faces he makes are just priceless. Afterwards, I headed to TT for a quick brick workout and then got back just in time to take the munchkins for their 9 month appt. As expected everyone is doing great – little peanut Evie is 16 lbs, Cam is back on track after his two weeks of vomiting and weighed in at 17 lbs 7 oz and big boy Calder is 19 lbs 4 oz.