Sharing, Caring and Cleaning.

As we approach the 2 year mark my trio has definitely grown.  One of the things I’m most proud of is the fact that my triplets (usually) love to share.  They find happiness in the receivers delight when they give them something – now that can be an empty sippy cup, lovey, or even a booger but the fact is my kids like to give.

The other day, Cam was having a little melt down and Calder came over with his lovey and gave it to him to try to make him feel better.  Another example – Cam pushed Evie, after a short time out he went back to her and tried to give her a hug and kiss. But the best is at the dining table when they share food – I think this is just a tactic for Calder not to eat his vegetables but it’s definitely a “barter and trade” sharing moment.

The other nice benefit to having almost two year olds – they are eager to please and love copying.  I don’t mind that they love to copy my cleaning lady, because let’s face it – with triplets, the house constantly needs cleaning and I am the worst….  Calder is the cleaning champion and each day after every meal he likes to wipe down the little kitchen table and chairs.  When he spills, he say “oh-oh, tissue” and after receiving a tissue or pice of paper bowl proceeds to get on all fours and clean. He takes such pride in wiping up messes – it’s ridiculous!

Would love to hear what other mommies love about this age.  What silly or sweet things do your toddlers do to put a smile on your face?

Sharing and Cleaning video

How to Survive Bed Rest

I came across some great tips on how to survive bed rest while pregnant that I thought could help others:  How to Survive Bed Rest |

As some of you know, I was on bed rest for 13 weeks while pregnant with my triplets and relied on many of these tips to keep me sane.  I also had a Starbucks White Hot Chocolate every Friday.  It gave me a yummy treat to look forward to and contains a whopping 520 calories.  Good if you need to meet a daily calorie requirement. I also did some of my bed rest out on the deck enjoying spring weather – awesome feeling to get out in the fresh air and get a little Vitamin D.

bed rest dog triplets

Bed rest outside with the dog – April 2011

Full Fledged Toddlerhood – sippy cups, high chairs and a potty.

Oh my goodness – my munchkins are growing up way too fast. So much has happened this month it is incredible. I’ll try to break it down briefly…

cups, sippy, kids, table, chairs, breakfast, triplets

Triplets at their new IKEA table with Take n’ Toss cups

Milk Bottles to Sippy Cups
We finally got rid of milk bottles. Ok, ok, I know you’re supposed to stop the whole bottle thing after kids hit a year but they just liked them so much and sucked them down in 1 min flat. Over the course of the last 20 months or so I have tried literally every single fancy sippy spout and straw cup available. I’m sure I’ve spent well over a couple of hundred dollars total. I was able to get them to take the Playtex Lil’ Gripper Straw Cups for water but they just refused to drink from them if it was milk. Finally a fellow triplet mom asked if I ever tried the Tomy Take n’ Toss – the cheapest and only one I hadn’t tried to date. I think I viewed them as being disposable and too flimsy? She said the flow was pretty fast so it might work since they seemed frustrated with not getting the milk quick enough from other zippy cups we had tried. Low and behold after 2 days they loved them and I love them because they are easy to clean and cheap. Only drawback is that sometimes my kids will pull the lid off (happens about 1x per week).

High Chairs
My kids are getting big (even Evie) and lifting them into their highchairs 3-4 times per day was just becoming backbreaking especially if they decided they didn’t want to sit in their high chair. So, after an impromptu trip to IKEA one weekend I came back with a large, rectangular kid sized table and 6 chairs – 3 for them and 3 for their friends of course! I was a little worried that they wouldn’t stay seated at the table but low and behold after a few days of making sure we removed their plate if they left the table they were “big kid” eating champs! Now, every morning when I say breakfast-time they go running to the table and sit down, patiently waiting for their breakfast. Love, love love!

Potty Time?
So Calder and Evie like to strip. Luckily Campbell has no interest in stripping…yet. This issue came to a head when (luckily?) I was at work. During nap time Calder decided to take off his pants and diaper (of course after having gone #2). Our au pair, Anna hears “uh-oh, poo poo, bunny” at least five times in a row and decides to check out the situ. Poop everywhere. Fortunately Tim was home sick so Anna called him in for reinforcement. Tim reaches down to get Calder – gets poop all over himself. According to Anna, Tim screamed like a girl and immediately ran to the bathroom to strip in a total panic. We are now gently easing Calder into the idea of the potty (we’ve had the Baby Bjorn potty chairs since Christmas) and watching Elmo’s Potty Time video daily. Any tips on potty training and keeping clothes on toddlers are welcome and needed!

I Have One Year Olds!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my little munchkins entered the world.  The days have been long but the weeks and the year have been short.  It still has not hit me that I have one year olds – sometimes I still can’t believe I have three kids!  Of course, then I change 6 diapers in the span of 2 hours and reality sets in…

Even though they are all the same age I also can’t believe how different they are – Evie is my clever, independent one who likes to tease.  Campbell is my sweet little boy – though can be feisty and mischievous when he wants to and Calder is my goofy, happy, sporty “dude”. I love my babies more and more every day and can not believe how lucky I am to have them in my life.

Evie – Age 1

Campbell – Age 1Calder - Age 1

Hoppy Easter!

Easter Sunday started with feeding babies then heading out for an hour run while they had their morning nap.  Once back, we changed the munchkins into their special Easter outfits and headed to GCC for a huge buffet.  The babies behaved  phenomenally – Evie and Cam were perfect angels and even Calder was good – just a bit boisterous.  He loved banging the table and hearing the glasses clink and more than once tried to grab the cutlery.  Luckily no one got stabbed.  We also saw the Judson triplets – another set of BBG’s…though they are in their early 20s.  I think they got a kick out of seeing another set of triplets and it was nice to see them all grown up (I’ve known the family since they were little) and compare notes.
After brunch at the club we headed to my brother and sister in-laws for Easter dinner – luckily the babies napped in the car ride up…so didn’t have a melt down till we were about to leave.

Watch out boys!

Watch out boys…Evie can already say she’s a Vogue model.
Ok, well to be honest it’s Vogue Bambini (kids Italian version…maybe that’s worse/better?).

We wen’t into the city last Monday – a nice escape after being stuck in the house the entire previous week while everyone succumbed to the stomach flu.  Shoot was on location in Manhattan (Madison and 60’s) and Evie got to be strolled around in a motorized italian stroller by a lanky South African model by the name of Heidi in bright yellow platform shoes and a white mini skirt.  Not sure how many moms look like that…but this is Italian Vogue…

Now if only they made a triple version because I could certainly use a motorized stroller on a few hills around my house!

Shoots and Snot

So the week started with Evie on the mend – but very snotty. She seems to have formed a gross habit of trying to lick it. Gross! Over the course of the week the boys, Tim and I also seemed to catch the cold which we all blamed on Jojo who brought it back from Shelton last week. I think she must feel guilty because throughout the week when the babies (read Cam) would wake in the middle of the night she would conveniently be up and ready to sweep him up and snuggle. Totally unnecessary, very thoughtful and much appreciated as I suffer through my own sinus hell.

Due to the sickness, we didn’t do much other than stay cooped up inside, wipe boogers, blow noses and I had a little time to work and work out. The babies also tried spaghetti – Campbell went absolutely bonkers over it!

Untitled from johannaeineryd on Vimeo.

Wednesday, Calder seemed to take a turn for the worse and his cough resembled a barking seal. I quickly took him to the walk-in round the corner and they gave him a steroid shot for croup. I think it did the trick as he slept soundly that night and woke to a normal sounding cough and was a bit perkier.

Friday, was the babies 10 month birthday! We celebrated by each baby having one on one time. Calder stayed home with my mom since he was still under quarantine. Campbell went to lap sit with Jojo and Evie and I headed into the city for our first shoot for Parents Magazine! It was a lot of fun! I got to spend some special one on one time with little miss, she loved being in front of the camera and hopefully we will have a special memento come June/July.


Evie and our 6 lb Yorkie

1, 2, 3 Play Dates!

This week was hectic – with work, training and play dates!

Monday we had a play date with “J” who is a few days older than my munchkins – his grandpa was ITU Age Group World Champion this year so lots of good sporting genes although athletics during this date comprised of crawling on the floor and standing at an activity center.

Wednesday we had a play date with “S & S” – twins born a few weeks after my guys.  Their mom is super creative – she has stations set up with activities for them to do – there is a tent, a crawling tunnel, a sushi bar, you name it she has it and most of it she made herself!  My trio seemed to be in awe of everything to do at her house and it gave me some ideas on what to do at mine.

Friday we had a play date with “C, A, & G” – triplets who are almost 18 months old.  I was a little weary going into this play date because of the age difference between our two sets of triplets – but everyone seemed to get a long great!  They are such well behaved little girls and didn’t mind my guys playing with all of their stuff.