Update – things to do in the Spring/Summer

I’ve been horrible at keeping up to date on this blog lately.  Sorry!

I do want to share some things we’ve been doing to keep busy with three little ones.

The beach – taking the munchkins to the beach is actually a ton of fun and they really love playing in the sand and surf…perhaps a little too much as they act like little turtle hatchlings and crawl (or scoot in Cam’s case) to the water’s edge without hesitation.  Having at least one helper is a definite must, also the choo choo seems to work best (verus stroller) when traveling through deep sand (you can just drag it through).

The pool – my kids are water babies!!! (Surprise, surprise).  They love hanging out in the baby pool but seem to like the big pool even more.  Splashing, jumping off the side, kicking and paddling…you name it they love it!

The Stamford Museum & Nature Center – Just round the corner from our house this living farm is great.  The kids love the animals and the choo choo works well on the handicap access trail. They also have a farmer’s market on Fridays during the summer/fall months.

Bridgeport Bluefish Game – I’m pretty sure my kids didn’t get what was going on but it was a nice way to spend the afternoon.




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