Weekly Workouts 5/20

Agghhh – have not posted workouts in a while but rest assured I’m still swimming, biking and running.

Last week’s highlights include-
3 3,000 yard plus swim workouts

Some good run workouts including tempo- 8×4 min on 8.7 with :45 rest and a long run of just over 1.5 hrs

Actually biked 4 times (2 trainer and 2 outdoor) culminating in a double loop of the Rev3 Quassy Olympic Course on Sunday (50 miles total) with a 20 min run immediately following.

I Have One Year Olds!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my little munchkins entered the world.  The days have been long but the weeks and the year have been short.  It still has not hit me that I have one year olds – sometimes I still can’t believe I have three kids!  Of course, then I change 6 diapers in the span of 2 hours and reality sets in…

Even though they are all the same age I also can’t believe how different they are – Evie is my clever, independent one who likes to tease.  Campbell is my sweet little boy – though can be feisty and mischievous when he wants to and Calder is my goofy, happy, sporty “dude”. I love my babies more and more every day and can not believe how lucky I am to have them in my life.

Evie – Age 1

Campbell – Age 1Calder - Age 1

Weekly Workouts 4/30

Swim – 3,500 yards (main set – 2x(400 pull, 4×100 on 1:20)

Bike – trainer 1 hr
Run – treadmill – 5 min warm up, 10×3 min at 8.6-8.7mph with :30 rest), 5 min cool down

Bike – 30 min on trainer
Run – 30 min on treadmill ( every 5th minute at 5K race pace) BABIES BIRTHDAY!!!

Swim – 1,000 (lap swimmer incident…so I didn’t really get much of a workout in…)


Swim 4,000 (Then BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!)

Bike & Run