Hoppy Easter!

Easter Sunday started with feeding babies then heading out for an hour run while they had their morning nap.  Once back, we changed the munchkins into their special Easter outfits and headed to GCC for a huge buffet.  The babies behaved  phenomenally – Evie and Cam were perfect angels and even Calder was good – just a bit boisterous.  He loved banging the table and hearing the glasses clink and more than once tried to grab the cutlery.  Luckily no one got stabbed.  We also saw the Judson triplets – another set of BBG’s…though they are in their early 20s.  I think they got a kick out of seeing another set of triplets and it was nice to see them all grown up (I’ve known the family since they were little) and compare notes.
After brunch at the club we headed to my brother and sister in-laws for Easter dinner – luckily the babies napped in the car ride up…so didn’t have a melt down till we were about to leave.

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