Shoots and Snot

So the week started with Evie on the mend – but very snotty. She seems to have formed a gross habit of trying to lick it. Gross! Over the course of the week the boys, Tim and I also seemed to catch the cold which we all blamed on Jojo who brought it back from Shelton last week. I think she must feel guilty because throughout the week when the babies (read Cam) would wake in the middle of the night she would conveniently be up and ready to sweep him up and snuggle. Totally unnecessary, very thoughtful and much appreciated as I suffer through my own sinus hell.

Due to the sickness, we didn’t do much other than stay cooped up inside, wipe boogers, blow noses and I had a little time to work and work out. The babies also tried spaghetti – Campbell went absolutely bonkers over it!

Untitled from johannaeineryd on Vimeo.

Wednesday, Calder seemed to take a turn for the worse and his cough resembled a barking seal. I quickly took him to the walk-in round the corner and they gave him a steroid shot for croup. I think it did the trick as he slept soundly that night and woke to a normal sounding cough and was a bit perkier.

Friday, was the babies 10 month birthday! We celebrated by each baby having one on one time. Calder stayed home with my mom since he was still under quarantine. Campbell went to lap sit with Jojo and Evie and I headed into the city for our first shoot for Parents Magazine! It was a lot of fun! I got to spend some special one on one time with little miss, she loved being in front of the camera and hopefully we will have a special memento come June/July.


Evie and our 6 lb Yorkie

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