Sick Sick Sick

Ugh – apologies for the lack of posts lately everyone has been sick.  And I mean everyone. I was fighting something off the end of last week and into the weekend.  Calder got sick last Thursday, Cam got sick Sat and Evie got sick Tuesday…and by sick I mean projectile vomit.  To make matters worse the dog even barfed in the bed…luckily on my pillow so all I only had to change the pillow case.  Jojo was sick early this week, my mom vomited, even my nana is sick.  Ugh.  Don’t come around my house unless you have a biohazard suit.

Weekly Workouts 3/19

Ok – so this week was a bit of a mess as I was not feeling great and the kids got sick…

Swam Mon/Tues, Brick Wed, nothing Thurs, Fri bike, Sat run, Sun nothing.

Guess this is was my rest week.

Weekly Workouts 3/12

Brick 10 min warm up 2x(15 min bike, 12 min run (2x(4 min at 8:15, 2 min at 6:15 pace))

Swim: 2,500
Main set: 150 pull, 2×200 free, 4×50 free, 150 pull, 4×100 free, 2×50 free, 150 pull, 6×75 free, 1×50 free
Run: 40 min tempo (7/7:30 pace)

Brick: Outdoor easy ride to Tod’s Pt, 16 min run then ride back to TT

Swim: 3,000: 400 free, 400 kick, 2x(4×100 odds free on 1:20, evens IM on 1:30, 2×200 pull on 2:30, 4×50 IM order on :50) 200 easy

Bike: 1 hour on trainer
Run: 40 min on treadmill (hills)

Run: 45 min easy

Bike: Race (about 20 miles total)

First Post Pregnancy Bike Race!

Competed in my first post-pregnancy bike race today at the Bethel Spring Series – a series of criterium races held every spring about 40 minutes from my home.  The day started out slightly overcast and pretty chilly but during the almost 20 mile/22 loop race the sun came out and everyone warmed up quickly.  Luckily the pace was pretty controlled and there were no major attacks which made for a nice and gentle way to ease back into racing.  I was able to lead one lap but spent most of the time in the pack conserving energy for the sprint finish.  Unfortunately, I got stuck in traffic at the finish so was not able to finish well – but these races are just for fun, to get the legs going and work on bike skills for me.

Weekly workouts 3/5


Swim: 2,500
Run: 55 min (hilly)

Bike: 55 min
Run: 25 min

Swim: 2,100 (included 100 on 1 min!)
Run: 30 min easy with triple jogger (flat road)
Bike: 1 hour – first time outside since the fall!

Bike: 1 hour on trainer

Swim: 3,000 (including 3×100 sub 1:10, 3×100 2 broken, one straight hold sub 1:02 on 2 min)

Run: 55 min

Weekly Workouts 2/27

Brick – bike 10 min warm up, bike 1 -15 min at 80+ rpm at 75%, with 3×30″ at 100%, run 1 -12 min at 2% increase grade by 1 every 3 min, bike 2 – 15 min at 90+ rpm with 3×30″ at 110 rpm at 80% intensity, run 2 – 12 min start at 4% decrease .5% every 2 min and increase speed to race tempo

Swim: 2,800 yards
300 free, 300 IM k-d-s, 300 kick with fins, 3x(300 pull on 4, 200 IM on 3, 100 hard on 2) 100 easy
Run: 6.1 hilly miles at conversational pace ~8:30

Brick – Bike: 50 min (hill climb), Run: 3 min wu, 1 mile tempo, rest easy to 20 min total

Run: 30 min with 2 miles tempo on treadmill
Swim: 2,100 – 600 free (every 4th lap back), 5×100 kick with fins on 1:40, 4×50 1/4 blast on :45, 200 DPS, 4x(4×25 underwater kick on :40, 25 sprint on :20 (hold sub 14), 100 easy)


No time 😦

Swim: 3k
Run: 1 hour (including 10k tempo in 45 min)